Coyotes are being spotted around Hamilton

Lions and tigers and… coyotes? The City of Hamilton has put out a warning that there have been some coyote sightings throughout the city recently, urging residents to take care and stay safe.

“Coyotes are a risk to your pets and children,” warns the city in a statement, adding that if there is a coyote present and posing an immediate threat to public safety, locals should call 911 or Animal Services.

The city also offers tips on what to do if you spot a coyote in the city, including carrying an umbrella or flashlight to scare them away or making loud sounds such as shouting or clapping to frighten them off as well.

Residents are strongly urged not to approach a coyote or run away from one; rather, it is safest to remain calm and wait at a distance until they decide to move on.

Coyotes can be kept away from your property by ensuring all garbage containers outdoors are properly stored and maintained, removing pet food from outside, and avoiding composting any meat products. Other measures such as fencing at least 1.8 metres in height or motion-sensitive outdoor lighting are also effective.

Read more about coyotes in Hamilton on the city website.

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