Glen Eden plans to have skiers and snowboarders back on the slopes this winter

While many businesses have opened again after lockdown, local ski hills had to wait as they figured out how they could safely bring people back to the slopes leading up to the first winter amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Glen Eden announced their plan for how they are going to operate this winter while under stricter health and safety guidelines. They have warned visitors that things are going to be different this upcoming season.

It should come as no surprise to anyone that the ski and snowboard season is going to look a little different for us all this year. Here at Glen Eden, we are making some changes to protect the health and safety of our staff and visitors, but we are just as committed to providing you and your family with the fun and memorable experience that you have come to expect on the hill,” said the statement that was posted on the Glen Eden website.

The movement of people from outdoor services to indoor services during the colder months has created different challenges that some other establishments don’t have to consider just yet. 

Glen Eden has made it a requirement for everyone visiting the hill to wear a mask and stay two-metres apart at all times whether they are indoors or outdoors. Many of the other guidelines and restrictions most locals have become accustomed to at other businesses while also be in place.

Visitors are being encouraged to get dressed at home or in the parking lot as much as possible with there being reduced numbers of people allowed in the lodge creating less space to get bundled up. 

However, the one challenge that Glen Eden has with operating amid COVID-19 is how they are going to get people safely up the hill using ski lifts that are notoriously compact spaces. 

As per the statement on Glen Eden’s website, people riding the ski lifts will have two people sitting at either end of the bench unless they are part of a group of four in a lesson or within the same family. 

Skiers and snowboarders will only be able to visit the hill if they have made a reservation before-hand. Members can make reservations up to 10 days in advance while all other visitors can make reservations up to 5 days in advance. There is no limit to the number of reservations that can be made, but visitors are required to only schedule times for when you are able to actually visit. The same reservation process is required for equipment rentals.

Pre-sale for memberships and lessons are open until December 1st. Reservations and more information can be found on the Glen Eden website

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