Trudeau shouts out Hamilton’s Arkells as they spread COVID-19 awareness

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau took notice when one of Hamilton’s favourite homegrown bands took to Twitter and raised awareness of the government’s COVID Alert mobile app.

Wildly popular Hamilton rock band Arkells has been actively engaging with the community in Hamilton and beyond during the pandemic, whether its been by hosting music lessons and teaching their songs over Instagram Live, or showing up on the front lawn of a fan to sweetly serenade her upon her graduation from McMaster University.

Most recently, members of Arkells posted a playful and informative video to TikTok, urging folks who miss gathering for live concerts to do their part in helping to manage the COVID-19 pandemic by downloading the COVID Alert mobile app; an especially timely message amid the pandemic’s second wave.

The COVID Alert mobile app, which currently has 4.75 million downloads, sends users a notification on their smart phone if they have been exposed to someone who has tested positive for COVID-19, allowing people to take proactive measures such as self-isolating at home and getting tested.

Prime Minister Trudeau took notice of Arkells’ message when they reposted it to Twitter.

“What they said. The sooner we get this second wave under control, and the sooner we beat this virus, the sooner we can get back to doing these things together. But we all have to do our part,” tweeted Trudeau in response.

Of course, the app is only as effective as the number of people using it; the more Canadians download it, the better the app will be able to serve the community and help keep people safe as the pandemic continues to impact our lives.

Contrary to what some believe, the app doesn’t use, share, or store any personal information when downloaded and primarily functions using Bluetooth technology to help manage the pandemic across the country.

Read more about the COVID Alert App here.

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