City of Hamilton now publicly naming businesses that violate COVID-19 guidelines

Following a city council vote, the City of Hamilton is now publicly listing all local businesses who are caught violating COVID-19 health & safety protocols.

The move follows a controversy in which a Stoney Creek restaurant was charged with flouting COVID-19 guidelines by allegedly allowing patrons to forgo masks and social distancing, but the city initially refused to name the business publicly.

However, after some public pressure and a vote by city council last Wednesday, the restaurant in question has been named as Krown Café in Stoney Creek, and all other Hamilton businesses that decide to ignore COVID-19 safety will also be named on the city’s website going forward.

A disclaimer states that just because a business has been charged, it doesn’t mean said business is guilty of the offence.

Nonetheless, the public list names local spots such as Fionn MacCool’s in Stoney Creek, Allure Lounge and The Stop Bar & Grill on Barton Street, and Shisha Kaif Café and Hookah Bar on Upper James as current businesses charged with COVID-19 offences.

The list on the city website will continue to be updated for the public as local businesses are charged under regulations and bylaws including the Face Covering Bylaw, Physical Distancing Bylaw, and Reopening Ontario Act.

Read the full list on the city website.

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