Hamilton’s Jed ‘the Dancing Guy’ is now married

In happy news for a Hamilton icon, the city’s famous ‘dancing guy,’ Jed Lifeson, recently got married.

If you’re from Hamilton, there’s little doubt you’ve heard of – if not seen in person – the city’s famed dancing guy, who routinely cranks the tunes and shakes and shimmies his way around a multitude of Hamilton locales in his signature joyful, carefree style.

Born in Serbia, Lifeson has been dancing through Hamilton for more than a decade now, catching the attention of thousands of residents who consider him a local legend.

Videos of Lifeson soft-shoeing his way down the street are all over YouTube, some with close to 100,000 views; a testament to his accidental fame in the city and even beyond.

Now, it looks like Lifeson may have found his special lifelong dancing partner, as news was shared via social media that the dancing man himself just got married; an undoubtedly sunny bit of news in a mostly dark 2020.

A post to Facebook of the married couple blew up, seeing well over 700 shares and hundreds of comments from locals celebrating and congratulating the enduring Hamilton icon for this significant milestone.

Check out the announcement here.

Lead image courtesy of ‘neglector’ on YouTube

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