Here are the Hamilton postal codes that are COVID-19 hot spots

Are you living in one of Hamilton’s most concentrated spots for COVID-19 cases? A new batch of data released by an Ontario research institute has the answer for you.

Data released by Ontario not-for-profit IC/ES identifies Hamilton’s top nine areas for confirmed COVID-19 cases, broken down by postal code wherein at least 2.5 per cent of residents received positive COVID-19 test results.

According to the data, the city’s biggest current COVID-19 hotspot is within the L8N postal code which, as of now, has an 8 per cent positivity rate.

The next highest is L9K at 4.7 per cent, comparable to L8E at 4.5 per cent. Then, L8S and L9C each sit at 3.2 per cent, L8L at 2.8 per cent, and L8W at 2.6 percent.

Finally, the last two COVID-19 hotspots in Hamilton by postal code are L9A and L8H, which are tied at 2.5 per cent each.

Hamilton is currently one of a handful of Ontario regions sitting in the ‘red zone’ of the province’s tiered COVID-19 plan for restrictions, which is one tier below a full lockdown of the city wherein numerous non-essential businesses and services would be shuttered.

There are currently 331 known active COVID-19 cases in Hamilton, with an overall total case number of 2,180 since the pandemic began. 73 of those resulted in deaths.

Read more on the city website.

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