Here’s a list of the weirdest things currently for sale on Craigslist in Hamilton

Craigslist is often crawling with items from people’s garages and basements, but sometimes the things people put for sale are a little weirder than the usual old furniture or toys. 

Here is a list of some of the weirdest things available for sale right now on Craigslist in Hamilton. 

Massage Guns

Although it sounds quite confronting, a massage gun is apparently a relaxing way to get the knots out of your shoulders during a highly stressful time. The ad for the massage guns says that they are all brand new and unboxed. They also have 20 different speeds ranging from 1200 to 1300 rpm.

Wave Lava

It is unclear exactly what this is because the ad only says that is new and never used. But, it looks like it could just be a lava lamp that sits on top of a fulcrum and moves back-and-forth making, I guess, lava waves.


There are definitely lots of fish and aquarium enthusiasts around the city, but it is still odd to see an ad for the flesh eating fish. Especially one with very specific instructions like “bring your own bucket.”

Leather Restraints

These probably have multiple uses if you think long and hard about the various ways you can get the most out of leather restraints. Certainly ones that are described as “beautiful” in this ad. 

Art Print of Angel Cats with Women

There is a lot of amateur art for sale on Craigslist but this print definitely has one of the weirder themes: a scene that shows three angel cats hanging around with three goddess-like figures. 

DVD of Psychological Horror Film Days of the Iguanas

Again, there were lots of indie horror films for sale on Craigslist in Hamilton  but Days of the Iguanas definitely had the oddest plot. The ad says this guerilla shot film is about a tourist on a Caribbean island who was bitten by an iguana that was from a voodoo cult. Then, he tries to convince other tourists about his story and finds some clarity in the process. 

COVID-19 Christmas Ornament

I think many of us saw something like this coming. This version of a COVID ornament has four Santa heads wearing masks that are sitting on top of the year 2020 that have the second zero made of toilet paper. There is some hand sanitizer thrown in there too.

What are the weirdest thing you’ve seen on Craigslist in Hamilton? Comment below!

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