This Hamilton local is seeking a music venue owner to help with an unusual request

Someone in Hamilton is looking for the owner of a music venue or DJ equipment to allow them to use their sound system to play two songs on repeat for 15 minutes.

This request came after Reddit user RubberTireBurnout was listening to a new song they found but the small speakers at home weren’t providing the optimal music experience of a club sound system.

Is there possibly a music venue owner or Techno bar owner or a DJ here that could play a song for me 3 times back to back on repeat 1 mode over a REAL sound system at 80-90% full volume if I brought a CD to you 15-20 minutes before you open for business hours? I’ll give you $20 for your time. from Hamilton

According to the post on the Hamilton subreddit, RubberTireBurnOut is looking for an owner of a music venue, techno bar, or DJ equipment to allow them to play some songs on repeat for 15 minutes using top-notch equipment and will fork over $20 for helping with their request.

RubberTireBurnout is apparently a huge fan of live music and feeling withdrawals during the current shutdown of many bars, clubs, and music venues in the city. 

My thinking at the time of posting was I bring you a CD with the songs in proper order and you pop it in and hit play while I stand over by speakers and take in the music. That’s it,” said RubberTireBurnout in the post. 

“Since you are already there preparing the business and staff for when it’s opening time, no special trip is being made to me. You are not lugging around tonnes of music gear to set up and tear down and the songs are already in proper order on the CD so no mixing or actual DJ work is involved other than pressing play.”

The songs that would be included on the CD are Marika Rossa’s Super Good followed by Pay Attention to the Bass twice. 

After posting this request on Tuesday, the subreddit has exploded with eager followers of the situation that’s been unfolding. RubberTireBurnout had even received one user inviting them to use their equipment last Wednesday morning, but they required more time to get organized. 

Many Hamilton Reddit users wait with bated breath to see if this request will have a happy ending for someone who, like many, is missing live music.

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