Hamilton’s new Keddy Access Trail along Claremont Access opens this week

It’s finally ready! The brand new Jay Keddy Access Trail, intended to provide access between the Hamilton Mountain and lower city for pedestrians and cyclists, will be opening for public access this Friday.

The Keddy Access Trail, which lines the Claremont Access, comes alongside the reopening of the upbound lanes on the access which has been closed for roadway resurfacing since July; a project with an overall cost of just under $6 million.

The reopening of both the Claremont Access upbound lanes and the new Keddy Access Trail is set to happen this Friday, once all remaining signage, pavement markings, and safety measures have been completely installed.

Named for Hamilton resident and cyclist Jay Keddy who was tragically struck and killed by a careless driver on the Claremont Access back in 2015, the Keddy Access Trail is intended to provide a continuous means for pedestrians and cyclists to safely, efficiently travel between the Hamilton Mountain and lower city.

The trail spans between Hunter Street and West 5th, with four separate entry points along the pathway in between at West Avenue near Wellington, St. Joseph’s Drive, the north and south sides of Arkeldun Avenue, and Tanner Street through Southam Park.

“The completion of this project will expand travel options among residents and will provide much-needed connectivity between the lower city and mountain,” said Hamilton’s Mayor Fred Eisenberger in a statement.

“The new Keddy Access Trail is an important initiative for cyclists and pedestrians and a wonderful tribute to Jay Keddy. Thank you to City staff for ensuring this project was completed safely and to our community members for your patience during this time.”

Pedestrians and cyclists are asked to hold off on using the Keddy Access Trail until those final touches are in place, which should be by Friday afternoon.

Read more on the city website.

Lead image courtesy of @cityofhamilton

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