You can purchase these beautiful Hamilton postcards of famous landmarks

If you’re looking to give your Christmas cards a more local touch this year, then Hamilton-made postcards are the way to go!

Designed by local artist Ryan Carpenter, these beautiful postcards of famous Hamilton landmarks are a wonderful way to greet friends and family this holiday season.

Available for purchase on the official Urbanicity store, there are a dozen different varieties depicting well-known spots like James Street North, Playhouse Cinema, and the Gore Park Fountain.

In the age of digital, receiving a physical piece of Hamilton art in the mail is a unique gesture to share with the loved ones in our lives, many of whom we haven’t seen for months.

Cards are available for just $5 each!

By purchasing a card, you are not only showcasing Hamilton in a cool way but also supporting a local artist.

Please consider making an order and brighten someone’s day this Christmas!

Cards are available for sale at

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