A new cannabis shop is opening in Hamilton

Hamilton has been seeing a great number of brand new cannabis shops popping up all over the city in the last year; and now, the city is about to get yet another spot that marks the return of a brand that should already be familiar to local cannabis lovers.

Hello Cannabis has announced that they are returning to the city in a brand new location and opening their doors officially this weekend.

The new shop, simply called Hello Hamilton, will be located at 1557 Main Street East where locals can shop a wide variety of products for recreational use including a range of flowers, pre-rolls, oils and concentrates.

Amid the current COVID-19 lockdowns, Hello Hamilton allows for online shopping and pre-ordering, for which purchased products will be packed up and made available for curbside pickup at the store’s physical location.

Hello Hamilton officially opens this coming Saturday, January 23rd, so check them out and stock up! Visit their website for a list of products and to pre-order.

Lead image courtesy of @hellohamiltonstore

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