Halton Police Chief Steve Tanner away in Florida, despite pandemic

The list of civil servants disregarding public health advice not to travel continues to grow.

Halton’s Chief of Police, Steve Tanner, has confirmed in a statement that in late December, he travelled to Florida to address personal business matters.

In the statement, Chief Steve Tanner writes, “My decision to travel in light of the ongoing COVID-19 situation was a poor decision, and one that I deeply regret.” Tanner is expected to return to Canada this weekend and says he will comply with the mandatory quarantine rules in place.

The news of Chief Steve Tanner’s absence comes just days after Halton Regional Police lost Det. Cst. Michael Tidball due to an acute medical episode. In the statement, Tanner writes that his trip has become a, “distraction from the healing and has taken the focus away from what is most important at this time.”

Twitter users have taken to the platform to voice their opinions on the matter, many questioning Tanner’s ability to lead Halton’s law enforcement if he can’t follow public health advice on his own. @togms writes, “It seems the Sunshine list for civil servants has some new meaning.”

Several other Canadian civil servants have also been in hot water lately after taking trips outside of Canada. One of those being Ontario’s Former Minister of Finance, Rod Phillips, who resigned after a vacation in St. Barts.

To conclude his statement, Chief Steve Tanner writes, “I sincerely apologize for my decision to travel out of the country.”

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