Hamilton urges locals to mask up for outdoor recreational activities

Though outdoor exercise and recreational activities are still allowed during the province’s COVID-19 stay-at-home orders, the City of Hamilton is urging locals to be extra safe if engaging in outdoor activities; particularly those where other people may be present.

The city issued a release particularly encouraging the use of masks and face coverings while participating in outdoor activities throughout Hamilton.

Masks are requested to be worn by locals on any outdoor skating rinks, toboggan hills, playgrounds & play structures, and on any of the escarpment stairs throughout the city.

These activities have been singled out for the fact that physical distancing may be harder to maintain in their particular settings, despite the fact that the city-run facilities such as skating rinks are currently operating at limited capacities.

The city is also encouraging locals to bring their mask while hiking any of Hamilton’s numerous outdoor trails in the event that crowding occurs and maintaining at least 2 metres of distancing is less possible; particularly on narrow stretches of trail.

Signage reminding Hamilton residents to mask up will be posted in outdoor recreation areas later this week.

Read more about Hamilton’s most recent COVID-19 updates on the city website.

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