Hamilton warns residents about the dangers of frozen water around lakes and ponds

With outdoor recreation being one of the only permitted activities amid the province’s COVID-19 stay-at-home orders, Hamilton is advising residents to be careful around frozen bodies of water on lakes, creeks, ponds, or streams.

A release from the city advises locals to exercise caution while near some of Hamilton’s bodies of waters that may seem well frozen, but may in fact be very fragile and dangerous.

“Frozen water can be unpredictable and changing temperatures, roadway runoff, and freeze-thaw cycles can make seemingly frozen surfaces unstable and dangerous,” reads the message from the City of Hamilton. “Residents should use extreme caution and keep away from frozen waterways unless it is posted safe to do so.”

Falling into frozen water can be dangerous and even life-threatening, with the potential to cause hypothermia within mere minutes.

The city advises residents to use extreme caution around these seemingly frozen bodies of water, and instead take advantage of Hamilton’s public rinks for activities like outdoor skating, which are currently operating under limited capacities and strict COVID-19 safety measure such as mask-wearing.

Read more about the risks of frozen bodies of water on the city website.

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