Hamilton’s new outdoor ice rink allowed to remain open during lockdown

As the province enters second lockdown with some murky guidelines of what that entails, there is one clear-cut piece of good news: many outdoor activities are still allowed, meaning that the newly opened Hanrahan skating rink is still a viable option for your dose of fresh air!

The new outdoor entertainment space located in the parking lot of the old Hamilton Strip at Barton and Catharine St boasts two separate skating rinks and a concession stand with tasty treats. They also have a picturesque walking trail adorned with evergreens and light fixtures, although due to the lockdown, the trail has temporarily been closed to the public.

Their original plan was to also host a market with local vendors, artists, and performers, but that possibility was quickly put on hold with the changing COVID restrictions.

Now with the second lockdown, there are some additional rules to follow when visiting the trail.

The skate times are divided into time slots with a maximum of 15 skaters on the ice at any time.

You can sign up online ahead of time here (no walk-ins are being taken). Arrive 15 minutes before your time slot to be screened and checked in.

Wait in your vehicle in the parking lot or in the designated area if walking. Once you have been checked in, you must wait for the previous group to completely vacate the bench area before approaching.

Masks are still required when on the premises. Please do not bring additional non-skating spectators in your party as the capacity limits are being strictly reserved for skaters.

Once your time slot is over, do not gather in groups in the parking area, but depart in your vehicles as quickly as possible to allow room for the next guests.

If you are pulled over while driving to the Hanrahan Trail, simply let the police know that you have an appointment for skating exercise at the Modrn Events skating rink. This is a valid reason to be out of the house.

New hours of operation are:

Monday to Thursday: 10am to 8pm
Friday: 10am to 11pm
Saturday & Sunday: 8am to 11pm

Secure your time slot online, then get out and stretch those legs!

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