McMaster University offers residence rooms to frontline healthcare workers

As the second wave of the pandemic continues to rage on and threaten our hospital capacities, McMaster University has announced it is offering its residence rooms and meals at cost to Hamilton’s frontline healthcare workers who need safe, affordable space to isolate as they continue to combat COVID-19.

In a release issued today, the university announces it is making private accommodations available in McMaster’s student residence facilities – which are currently mostly empty due to the university’s virtual semester – for stays between 3 and 14 days starting today, January 20th.

McMaster is working with community-based non-profit The Thrive Group in order to facilitate connection to the residence facilities for local healthcare workers directly on the frontlines of the fight against COVID-19.

“Our frontline heroes will appreciate knowing this opportunity is available,” says Vickie Bair, Vice President of Business Strategy for the Thrive Group. “The last thing they should have to worry about is finding a safe, affordable, alternative place to stay, if they believe staying at home puts those they live with at risk.”

The program will allow Hamilton’s healthcare workers who face COVID-19 head on every day as the city reckons with a vicious second wave a safe and accessible place to stay without putting family or household members at risk of exposure.

Healthcare professionals who are COVID-free will be able to come and go from their residence room as needed for work, and any who contract COVID-19 will get to carry out their mandatory 14-day isolation in a separate, designated area of the residence.

Twenty rooms are currently available as part of the program with the potential for more if needed.

Read more on the McMaster website.

Lead image courtesy of McMaster University

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