More bike lanes are coming to Hamilton in 2021

With bikes becoming an increasingly popular mode of low-impact transportation in the city, the cycling network around Hamilton is set to grow this year with city staff approving almost 20 kilometres of new bikes lanes and paths

One of the projects included in the expansion is a design and construction on a curb protected cycling track on Victoria Avenue.

Bikes lanes on Victoria Avenue are supposed to provide a connection to the new Jay Keddy recreational trail that extends up and down the escarpment along the Claremont Access.

The covered bike track will also provide access to Hamilton General Hospital and be a step to making Hamilton less reliant on car travel.

Some other additions that will take place in 2021 are bicycle boulevards on residential streets, safety improvements to existing lanes, and filling area that have no bike paths within the network.

Overall, the upgrades will cost the city $3 million with $600,000 coming in funding from other parts of the government.

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