Premier Doug Ford tells Ontarians to stay home in 22 different languages

In the middle of a second lockdown and daily positive COVID-19 cases hovering around 3,000, Ontario Premier Doug Ford has released a public service announcement asking residents to stay home in 22 different languages.

The video was released on Ford’s Twitter page with a reminder to Ontarians to “Stay home. Stay safe. Save lives.”

The languages Ford speaks in the video are some of the most spoken in the province including French, Mandarin, Cantonese, Italian, and Punjabi. 

The video also seems to be a response to the public making fun of Ford’s flimsy and uncommitted pronunciation of “restez a la maison” in a recent public address.

Since mid-day on Thursday, the video had been viewed over 75,000 times. 

Premier Ford issued a stay-at-home order for the entire province kicking-in on January 14th as well as declaring a second state of emergency. The order stays in effect for at least 28 days in total. 

Read more about Ontario’s state of emergency here.

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