Someone smashed the front window of Stardust Bar on Barton Street

In a rough start to the new year, a brand new bar in Barton Village was hit with an act of cruel vandalism by a mystery local with a brick in their hand.

Stardust, a nightlife counterpart to Barton Village’s bustling brunch spot Motel, posted security footage to their Instagram feed on December 31st showing a “smash ‘n run” incident as an unidentified figure quickly hustles up to the bar’s front façade and whips a brick through the glass of the front door before sprinting away from the scene.

Though nothing appears to have been stolen, the bafflingly senseless act of vandalism is undoubtedly a big blow to Stardust who, like most other Hamilton small businesses, are still grappling with the impacts of the pandemic.

In fact, Stardust is one of a handful of local businesses that have been broken into or otherwise vandalized in the last few weeks, including Vagabond Saints Tattoo Lounge on John Street North as well as Royal Flush Vintage Goods, another Barton Village fixture.

“There has been a lot of vandalism and break-ins of small businesses in the Hamilton area recently,” said Stardust on their social media.

“While it’s sad to see, we need to remind ourselves what an amazing community we have in the Barton Village & even larger with all of Hamilton. When things like this happen it’s hard not to get discouraged, especially in these times, but we need to continue to look out for one another.”

Stardust is asking locals who may have any information about the incident to contact them. Read more on their Instagram page.

Lead image courtesy of @stardusthamilton

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