Hamilton family builds an impressive ice igloo in their backyard

Hamilton’s been seeing its share of snowstorms in recent days; and one local family decided to use the sudden bouts of ice and snow to turn frozen lemons into frozen lemonade.

The Staszko Family has been building a real igloo out of ice right in their Stoney Creek backyard, and sharing the impressive progress publicly on social media.

This isn’t a small project, either. The Staszko’s igloo is large enough to fit numerous full-grown adults, complete with hanging string lights, tables made of more ice, and Muskoka chairs made of, well, plastic; after all, who wants an ice chair slowly melting and soaking them from below?

The igloo began its construction at the beginning of February and has been growing more each day, from adding new levels of ice bricks to patching up portions melted by the winter sun.

Mother Anya Staszko, who’s been heading the build, even created a public Facebook group to share the ongoing updates on the ambitious project as it comes together ice brick by ice brick.

The group now has nearly 250 members keeping track of the igloo’s progress, even sharing photos of their own homemade igloos and building a small, unlikely little social media community of ice architects.

The whole thing is enough to melt pretty much anyone’s heart and put a big ol’ smile on their face during a harsh, pandemic era winter.

Check out the Igloo Building Facebook group to track their exciting progress!

Lead image courtesy of Igloo Building on Facebook

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