Hamilton launches campaign to re-educate drivers on roundabouts

Education for drivers never seems to stop with the City of Hamilton and Hamilton Police Service extending some gentle reminders on road safety this month. 

The city and local police are launching their annual Vision Zero campaign with a focus on providing some clarity to drivers on how to use roundabouts

Although roundabouts are not as common in Hamilton as they are in other parts of the world, the more efficient solution to intersections have been popping up around the city. 

Throughout February, the City will be sharing tips for motorists, pedestrians, and cyclists on how to safely and properly use roundabouts. 

According to a press release from the City, motorists should slow down and only enter the roundabout when there is a safe space. They also say drivers should choose the appropriate lane for their exit and never pass another vehicle in the roundabout. 

Roundabouts are often thought to be more efficient and safe than four-way and two-way stops. 

Vision Zero is an action plan intended to minimize road fatalities through the collaboration of the City of Hamilton and Hamilton Police Service. 

For more information about how to properly use a roundabout, visit the City of Hamilton website.

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