Canada and Ontario to invest in culture and recreation infrastructure in Hamilton

It was announced last week that Canada and Ontario will be providing joint funding to support three culture and recreation infrastructure improvement projects in Hamilton. 

The three facilities that will be improved with the new funding includes the Ancaster Fairgrounds, Hamilton Children’s Museum, and Dundas Valley School of Art.

In Ancaster, there will be the development of a new 75,000 square foot building that will accommodate larger agricultural events. The new heated building will also provide the opportunity for year-round venue for live music and fairs.

The other two investments will be a 2,600 square foot addition to the children’s museum that will create a larger and more accessible learning space. The Dundas Valley School of Art will have improvements to make it more energy efficient and to improve hygiene.

“The City of Hamilton is grateful for this investment to enhance and preserve our Ancaster Fairgrounds, Hamilton Children’s Museum and Dundas Valley School of Art,” said Hamilton’s Mayor Fred Eisenberger in a statement.

“The funding will ensure these iconic culture and recreation facilities are more accessible, energy efficient and ultimately, see residents and visitors alike enjoy them to their full extent. Thank you to our federal and provincial partners for their investment in preserving three of our integral culture spaces.”

After the projects are completed, the improved venues will host a variety of social, cultural, and recreational activities for residents and visitors providing more opportunities for people to come together. 

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