32 more Hamilton pharmacies are getting COVID-19 vaccines

Building on the Ontario government’s initiative to administer doses of the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine through select pharmacies across the province, Hamilton will see 32 additional pharmacies added to the program.

This means that there will be 53 total pharmacies in the Hamilton area that will be administering vaccine doses to eligible residents aged 55 and over.

Notably, these additional pharmacy locations include 11 within the lower city: a prior glaring omission that drew considerable criticism from Hamilton residents and officials alike.

The lack of lower city representation in the pharmacy rollout plan even prompted a collective of representatives – including Hamilton Centre MP Matthew Green and numerous city councillors – to issue a public letter to the Ford government urging them to amend the oversight.

Thankfully, those voices have been heard, and the list of lower city pharmacies that will begin carrying COVID-19 vaccines as of mid-April includes the following locations:

City Centre IDA Pharmacy (131-77 James Street North)

Loblaw Pharmacy (50 Dundurn Street South)

Rexall (18-2 King Street West)

Sutherland’s Pharmacy (180 James Street South)

Marchese Pharmacy (316 James Street North)

First Place Pharmacy (350 King Street East)

Shoppers Drug Mart (232 Cannon Street East)

Metro Pharmacy (1161 Barton Street East)

Loblaw Pharmacy (1579 Main Street West)

Pharmasave (105 King Street West)

Shoppers Drug Mart (1341 Main Street West)

Eligible Hamilton residents will be able to start booking their appointments for a vaccine at one of the listed lower city pharmacies as of April 12th.

Read more about COVID-19 vaccine rollout on the city website.

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