A story that took place in Hamilton was mentioned on a New York Times podcast

The New York Times podcast The Daily featured a story earlier this week that went into the depths of a scandal that swept across Hamilton a few years ago.

The episode titled “A Vast Web of Vengeance” featured a story by a Times journalist that spoke about how one Hamilton family was slandered online by a woman who held a grudge for over 30 years.

The story was about the Babcock family and how a woman from their past took to the internet to call them pedophiles and make other slanderous statements about the family.

As reported by the Times and Hamilton Spectator, none of these allegations were true and the podcast outlines the story of how members of the Babcock family figured out ways to prove the statements online were false.

After a Hamilton real estate agent was let go from an agency owned by the Babcock family, the agent held a grudge over the way in which her life turned after her dismissal. 

Outlined in the podcast, it tells the story about how the culprit used various websites on the deep web to slander different people who she felt had done her wrong. 

The severity of some of the claims negatively affected the Babcock family’s reputation and lives even resulting in a brother-in-law moving to a small town in the U.K.

The full story can be heard on the episode of The Daily wherever you listen to podcasts. 

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