Hamilton historian pens new book about Auchmar Mansion

Hamilton history buffs now have something new and exciting to add to their bookshelves.

Local historian Leanne Pluthero has penned a new book that takes a deep dive into the long and fascinating history of the city’s famous Auchmar Estate Mansion, which still stands to this day on the Hamilton Mountain.

Though many in Hamilton have seen – or at least heard of – Auchmar Estate, very few likely know much about the estate’s vast historical significance.

The book, titled Auchmar: Portrait of a Home, endeavours to lift the veil and give Hamiltonians and history lovers alike a rare glance at this icon of Hamilton’s heritage.

It’s a result of Pluthero’s five-year fascination with the famed estate and the people who have taken up residence there during its rich 165-year history in Hamilton.

Not only does Pluthero’s book feature collections of memoirs and diaries, it also documents nearly 80 curated photos that act as a preservation of Auchmar’s life through generations.

Edited by Bill King and published by Hamilton-based press Attawadaron, Auchmar: Portrait of a Home by Leanne Pluthero is available to purchase now on the publisher’s website!

Lead image courtesy of Attawadaron

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