Hamilton’s Green Collar Landscaping is making sure staycations go swimmingly

The pandemic has motivated many Hamiltonians to rethink their vacation plans this year. With unnecessary travel still being discouraged, people are forgoing exotic locales in favour of luxury ‘staycations.’

Instead of browsing travel sites, they’re researching ways that they can turn their own homes into upscale and sophisticated yet relaxing sanctuaries. They can enjoy the sunshine, warm weather, and poolside margaritas without the stress and frustration of passport lines or canceled flights. 

It’s a trend that Green Collar Landscaping has noticed and actively supports. Hamiltonians are already scheduling consultations for custom landscaping, inground pool installation, and other changes that will turn their homes into a mini-oasis where they can vacation again and again. For these services, they turn to a trusted professional.

Green Collar Landscaping has been offering innovative landscaping design and maintenance services to home and business owners in the Hamilton area for over 10 years. Its services, which include elegant rock gardens, spa-quality swimming pools, natural-looking waterfalls, ambient lighting arrangements, and other property enhancements, are all in demand as Hamiltonians prepare to relax and unwind at home.

Green Collar Landscaping owner Al Perreault is seeing first-hand how the pandemic era is changing Hamiltonians’ relationships with their homes and driving their desire to elevate their living spaces.

“The pool, the BBQ island, the rock gardens- those are things that turn your house into an enjoyable space where you can both live and enjoy staycations,” says Perreault. “Instead of spending thousands on a tropical vacation, you can invest in your property and turn it into the ultimate getaway.”

Since views play a key role when choosing a vacation spot, people are hiring contractors to create a mini-paradise outside their front and back doors. Uniquely-shaped gardens with ornamental plants and colourful, blooming flowers can turn any space into a vacation site, especially when complimented by custom brick or stone patios, a firepit, or a tiled pool with soft underwater lighting.

Perreault plays a direct role in all Green Collar landscaping projects. He provides clients with recommendations and advice based on their property layout and aesthetic goals and takes pride in watching commonplace yards be transformed into private oases that would do a five-star resort proud.

Green Collar Landscaping stands out by being a one-stop-shop for a total transformation of clients’ outdoor spaces. Hamilton residents can turn their homes into luxury staycation sites without having to hire and coordinate multiple contractors. In this respect, they save money without sacrificing quality.

Sure, your outdoor space at home may not be quite the same as a luxury resort down south; but with the well-honed expertise of Hamilton’s own Green Collar Landscaping, it can become the next best thing.

This article is presented in partnership with Hamilton marketing agency, SociallyInfused Media.

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