Here are 6 Hamilton-made products to help you relax

Life can be stressful at the best of times; and since we are currently a very far cry from the best of times, many Hamiltonians are undoubtedly looking for any means possible to chill out and unwind when the opportunity arises.

That’s something that The Localist Collective – a new initiative in Hamilton dedicated to spotlighting the city’s best small businesses – is hoping to help out with as they’ve curated a selection of local products with relaxation in mind.

The Localist Collective was kind enough to send over a care package featuring 6 curated Hamilton products that just might do the trick and help you kick back during stressful times, while supporting local on top of it all.

We’ve tested them all out, so without further ado, here’s the lowdown on each of these relaxing Hamilton-made products!

Bottle Neck Blend – Detour Coffee Roasters 

With a hugely popular roastery and café in Downtown Dundas, Detour Coffee is one of Hamilton’s shining gems for people who love a good morning cup.

Detour’s Bottle Neck Blend is a perfect example of what this coffee roaster does best. A mainstay blend of sorts, this medium roast coffee is low in acidity and big on flavour: smooth and full-bodied, with notes of milk chocolate, toffee, and dried fruit. If your idea of easing gracefully into the day is to start it off with great coffee, this is one excellent – and local – option.

Relax Peppermint CBD Spray – Bodega Wellness

Hamiltonians who turn to CBD products for myriad reasons are surely familiar with Bodega and their three popular locations in Hamilton, Burlington, and London.

This boutique wellness brand’s aptly-named ‘Relax’ Peppermint CBD Spray is an oral spray that blends peppermint oil with 100 per cent hemp-extracted CBD oil: a perfect mix for those looking for an all-natural, calming solution. After trying it ourselves, we were surprised by the result: it wasn’t long before some noticeable reduction of anxiety started to kick in.

Your mileage with CBD products may vary; but couple of spritzes of this stuff just might be the key to some solid, much-needed stress relief.

Fancy Farm Girl Foxy Pink Rosé – Sue-Ann Staff Estate Winery

Hamilton is lucky for its close proximity to Niagara wine country, and winemaker Sue-Ann Staff has spent years crafting some formidable fermented finds at her eponymous winery out in Jordan Station.

Staff’s 2020 vintage of Foxy Farm Girl Foxy Pink – a 11 per cent ABv rosé – is destined to become a prime pick for a summer sipper. Bright pink-hued, this wine is as easygoing as it is lively, with strawberries and cranberries dominating on the palate alongside some floral notes and a bright acidic tang that lingers on the finish.

Accessible yet complex, this is undoubtedly going to be popular for kicking back on the patio in late summer when it hits LCBO shelves this coming August.

Birthday Cake Cookie Dough – The Cookie DOH! Factory

This Dundas-based dessert maker has garnered a strong reputation for its rich and delicious line of small-batch edible cookie dough; in fact, it was the first place in Canada to make it with no risky ingredients.

Located inside the longstanding Horn of Plenty in Downtown Dundas, The Cookie DOH! Factory hand-crafts its edible cookie dough in a vast array of flavours and styles, with seasonal options like the current spring offerings of Mini Egg or Grasshopper Mint cookie dough.

But one of this local spot’s flagship favourites is their Birthday Cake cookie dough, which is loaded with rainbow sprinkles and topped with buttercream icing. Deliriously decadent, and so rich you’ll be nibbling away at it for days as an indulgent midnight snack.

Rosé Wine Soap – Pink Posh Fox

Making hand-crafted, vegan, natural, and ethically sourced body products out of Dundas, Pink Posh Fox has got the goods for luxurious self-care.

With a line of bath bombs, lotions, body scrubs, bath salts, and more, Pink Posh Fox also makes a body soap made with Niagara Peninsula wine and rose petals. It is particularly potent and smells oh-so good, and leaves you feeling refreshed after a wash to boot. What could be better?

Femme ‘I Am’ Affirmation Deck – Love Powered Co.

This is one of the more unusual products on this list, to be sure; but Burlington-based Love Powered Co’s acclaimed line of affirmation cards and the brand’s audience of nearly 57,000 Instagram followers speaks volumes.

With a mission to inspire, motivate, and empower, Love Powered Co’s decks feature dozens of unique and attractively-designed cards with different affirmations and motivations to help Hamiltonians start their day off right.

If a few meaningful words and positive thoughts are just what you need to connect with yourself, Love Powered Co. might have what you’re looking for.

Do you have any favourite things that help you relax? Let us know in the comments!

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