Ontario government looks to expand Highway 6

The Ontario government will expand Highway 6 South to four lanes between Hamilton’s airport and Highway 403.

Commitment to the expansion was shown in the latest provincial budget with intention of building additional lanes along 9 kilometres of road between the 403 in Ancaster and Upper James south of Mount Hope.

A four-lane highway link to the airport was originally designed and earned environment assessment approval in the late 1980s. It took until 2003 to build the existing two-lane road. 

The ministry says that because of the older environmental assessments, similar studies will have to be completed before the highway is expanded.

According to a report in the Spectator, MPP Donna Skelly said the expansion would be a huge deal for the continued growth of the airport and the surrounding economic area including the new Amazon fulfilment centre.

As of right now, there is no announced budget or construction start date. 

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