Federal government will invest $1.7B in Hamilton’s rapid transit project

The Canadian government has announced a multibillion dollar investment into transit projects within the greater Toronto and Hamilton area.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has committed to a contribution of $12 billion in total towards transit in the region, with $1.7 billion of that money allocated to assisting with Hamilton’s rapid transit project.

Further details of the project are still to come for the project, including whether or not it will ultimately be the Light Rail Transit (LRT) line that has been the subject of public division and, famously, an unceremonious cancellation by the Ford government in 2019.

There’s also the possibility that the project could instead be realized as a bus rapid transit project, which some advocate for as a replacement to LRT.

However, no matter the form, Trudeau has said Hamilton’s rapid transit line would run from McMaster University into downtown, and end at Eastgate Centennial Park in Stoney Creek.

A more formalized announcement with greater details on the project is expected for this Thursday.

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Lead image courtesy of Metrolinx

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