People keep posting flight simulator images of McMaster University

One of the biggest social media trends right now in Hamilton is posting photos and videos of planes flying over McMaster University.

And it’s not so much actual planes in the sky, but the gameplay of popular video game Microsoft Flight Simulator.

The popular video game series is a realistic simulation where players can fly different planes over specific places around the world while dealing with realistic in-flight problems and challenges. 

Recently, a YouTuber posted a Microsoft Flight Simulator capture depicting a plane landing on the city’s FirstOntario Centre.

Within the deep recesses of Hamilton subreddits there has been a trend of those local players posting pictures and videos of their flight above the city; specifically over McMaster University. 

In the images, you can see each of the buildings on campus as well as a lot of the surrounding green space. 

The reason this is something that has taken off on the local subreddits is unknown, apart from some experienced gamers jumping on the back of another popular post. 

But, click here if you want to see a view from the sky of McMaster University.

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