Speed limit is being reduced on the Red Hill Valley Parkway

Heads up, Hamilton drivers: a portion of the Red Hill Valley Parkway is about to see a speed limit reduction.

Effective Monday, May 17th, the speed limit on both sides of the Red Hill Valley Parkway between Dartnall Road and Greenhill Avenue will be reduced to 80 km/hr.

The speed limit north of Greenhill Avenue is already set to 80 km/hr, so the change means the speed limit on the complete length of the Red Hill Valley Parkway between the Queen Elizabeth Way and the Lincoln Alexander Parkway will be 80 km/hr.

“At this time, the speed limit on the northbound lanes of the RHVP shifts from 90km/hr to 80km/hr on a downhill section, which can make it difficult for motorists and drivers of large trucks to slow down effectively,” reads a statement from the city.

“Changing the speed limit to 80km/hr beginning at the top of the hill will facilitate compliance with the posted speed limit.”

Hamilton Police Service will be onsite to enforce the new speed limit starting today – Friday, May 14th – and local drivers may be impacted by some closures along the parkway over the coming weekend as new signage is installed.

The city considers the speed reduction to be a piece of the ongoing Vision Zero initiative, which aims to increase traffic safety citywide and reduce injuries and fatalities as a result of collisions and roadway accidents.

Read the full release on the city website.

Lead image courtesy of Google Maps

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