A large lizard from Little Ray’s Reptile Zoo is on the loose in Hamilton

Keep your eyes to the ground when you’re out for a stroll, Hamilton; you just might see an unusually huge reptilian friend roaming around.

A large lizard from Little Ray’s Reptile Zoo and Nature Centre in the lower city has escaped the is still on the loose.

The lizard officially went missing on the morning of June 19th after escaping the storefront at the corner of Barton Street East and Gage Avenue North around 9 am that day.

Little Ray’s was quick to release an urgent public call to search for the missing Nile Monitor lizard, who goes by the name Markhor and measures in at about three and a half feet, weighing three pounds. For reference, they’ve also shared a photo of Markhor’s ‘roommate’ who is roughly the same size.

The statement released to the shop’s Facebook page explains that the lizard poses no threat to people or pets, but will likely be nervous and defensive. They ask that anyone who sees the lizard call them at 613-807-6889.

Little Ray’s also strongly urges locals not to attempt to apprehend the lizard if they spot it.

“He is extremely fast and will need a proper plan to retrieve him and will be very much afraid and defensive and will almost certainly try to bite if someone is to grab him,” reads their message on social media.

The Hamilton public has rallied to search for Markhor, with Little Ray’s original Facebook plea now shared thousands of times and with hundreds of comments pouring in from residents who are hitting the streets and keeping their eyes out for the missing lizard.

There is also a $200 reward being offered to anyone who can provide a confirmed sighting of Markhor.

Read the full post on Little Ray’s Facebook page.

Lead image courtesy of Little Ray’s Reptile Zoo and Nature Centre

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