Hamilton Bike Share removes Ryerson name from bike hub

Hamilton Bike Share – the not-for-profit that currently facilitates Hamilton’s social bike share program – has taken quick action to rename their Ryerson Rec bike hub.

“In the spirit of reconciliation and decolonizing our bike share system, organization, and local landscape, Hamilton Bike Share has renamed the Ryerson Rec Hub and removed the name from physical and digital assets within the system,” reads a message from Hamilton Bike Share.

“This is a small but tangible act. We invite others to join us in removing names like Ryerson’s in our #HamOnt spaces and to address the legacy of residential schools and colonization.”

The move comes amid a push for institutions named after Egerton Ryerson – an architect of Canada’s residential school system – to undergo a renaming following a reinvigorated cultural dialogue about the atrocity and genocide against Indigenous people that took place within residential schools.

The recent discovery of the remains of 215 children at the site of a former residential school in Kamloops, BC has further pushed these dialogues to the forefront.

Ryerson University in Toronto, and Ryerson Elementary School right here in Hamilton, are currently feeling the pressure to remove Ryerson’s name from their institutions.

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Lead image courtesy of @HamOntBikeShare

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