Hamilton celebrates its 175th birthday today

Happy Birthday, Hamilton!

The Hammer is officially a whopping 175 years old as of today, and is celebrating its founding with the launch of a new visual identity.

Hamilton was originally unified as a city on June 9th of 1846, and has gone through countless phases of growth, development, and reputation in the years to follow.

Today, Hamilton is known as a complex urban centre: one attempting to balance the spirit of its blue collar and industrial roots with a burgeoning identity as a modern cultural hub attracting a population influx.

Hamilton is far from perfect, and there’s much work to be done as the city attempts to forge a new identity and infrastructure; but Hamilton is nonetheless a singular and well-loved entity in its scrappiness and idiosyncrasies.

“It is my pleasure and joy to celebrate Hamilton’s 175th anniversary with our community. Long before being established this land witnessed many stories unfold, these memories are interwoven into the fabric of the city’s people and places,” reads a message from Mayor Fred Eisenberger.

“We are committed to commemorating 175 years of Hamilton’s history throughout the year with the development of a virtual Museum of Hamilton. Through this celebration, we remember our past, as well as look ahead to creating a future that is representative of all Hamiltonians.”

In honour of the city’s 175th anniversary, a website is being developed that will share photos and stories that capture a great deal of Hamilton’s past, present, and future, giving locals a space to explore where they city has come from and where it’s headed today.

“It is both an honour and a privilege to mark this occasion by gathering together and sharing the stories of this place and the City of Hamilton,” said Carrie Brooks-Joiner, Hamilton’s Director of Tourism and Culture.

“We look forward to working with residents and communities across the length and breadth of the city to commemorate the anniversary of the City’s founding by helping them to share their heritage stories.”

Read the full release here.

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