Hamilton Conservation Authority pleas for locals to reduce water usage

Waterways around Hamilton, including Spencer Creek, Chedoke Creek, Redhill Creek, Battlefield Creek, and Stoney Creek, reportedly have low water levels.

The discovery had the Hamilton Conservation Authority declare a level one low water condition for the entire watershed. 

It is said that residents should reduce their water usage by 10 per cent in order to be proactive during the lower water levels in the natural spaces.

Rain levels have been much lower for the past three months; well below normal with extended dry periods, according to the conservation authority.

Not only is the low water level condition impacting the creeks, but also a number of watercourses, tributaries, and minor watercourses. 

“Reducing the use of these sources at this critical time will avoid more serious shortages in the watershed, and lessen the impact of reduced water availability on our environment,” the authority said in a statement.

“Water users reliant on the municipal water system are asked to follow any active municipal water use bylaws.”

The Hamilton Conservation Authority has posted a fact sheet on the best ways to save water including following lawn watering schedules, using a broom to clean paved areas, and reduce non-essential water use.

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