Hamilton Conservatory for the Arts lights up for Pride Month

If you’ve taken a stroll or drive along James South these last few nights, you’ve likely seen the eye-catching sight of a prominent building decked out with multicoloured lights shining through the large street-facing windows.

That building is the longstanding Hamilton Conservatory for the Arts, which has been a cultural mainstay and education institution in Hamilton for decades.

In honour of Pride Month for 2021, the Conservatory’s technical director, Chris Litfin, created a special light installation that has the stunning facility’s numerous windows lit up brightly in purples, blues, yellows, reds, greens, and oranges.

The display is a collaboration between the Conservatory, HCA Dance Theatre, and Culture for Kids with involvement from Westmount Secondary School, Glendale Secondary School, and Westdale Secondary School.

Not only is the display beautiful, it has significance as well as a symbol of Pride Month: a celebration of the visibility, community, and joy of the world’s LGBTQ2IA+ communities.

It’s a celebration of queerness in defiance of decades of oppression, violence, and hate against those whose gender or sexuality falls outside of traditional norms.

Though homophobia and oppressive systemic structures are certainly prevalent in artistic communities and industries as well, the arts have nonetheless generally existed as a safe haven for queer communities; a place that fosters self-expression and empathy.

That’s why it’s fitting that the Hamilton Conservatory for the Arts – a local institution all about self-expression – is celebrating Pride Month so loudly and proudly.

Lead image courtesy of @artsliveathca

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