Hamilton warns residents about potential door-to-door scammers

The City of Hamilton posted a release this week that is warning locals about potential door-to-door scams that have been reported in the area.

They are cautioning residents if they are ever approached by an unsolicited private contractor or representatives who claim to be affiliated with the city or speak about city services. 

A Hamilton homeowner reported a conversation with an individual who was pretending to work for the city and replacing lead pipes or water service lines. 

The alleged scammer was performing a sales pitch for lead-free pipes and claimed the resident would be eligible for a grant if they gave up their banking information.

This was the first reported incident of this kind, but the City of Hamilton decided to give warnings because of the uncommon tactic used by the door-to-door person.

The statement from the city said that city employees would always have a City of Hamilton identification card and uniform. Representatives are also only likely to visit someone’s home if there was an emergency like situation or a previously arranged appointment.

Anyone approached by the alleged scammers should report the incident to the city by called 905-546-CITY. 

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