Stunning iris and peonies are now in full bloom at Royal Botanical Gardens

The already beautiful Royal Botanical Gardens is looking even prettier nowadays.

That’s because iris and peonies are currently in full bloom at the gardens, and locals now have the opportunity to go check them out in person.

Time-ticketed parking reservations will grant locals access to the RBG’s Laking Garden so they can explore the stunning blooms on display in one of Hamilton’s most striking scenic settings.

Several different species of iris are found in Laking Garden, with over 1,000 irises in the collection from bearded iris, dwarf bearded, intermediate bearded, Siberian, spuria, and many others.

The peonies are also a sight to behold: located in the lower terrace of Laking Garden, the collection includes Itoh and herbaceous peonies, with Japanese, anemone, semi-double, bomb, and double flower types on display.

“Diverse in shape, size and colour, the iris and peony collections are sure to enchant onlookers as they roam through the cultivars,” reads a release from the Royal Botanical Gardens.

“With a breadth of other plants to explore and just a short drive from our other garden areas, a day at Laking Garden is sure to delight.”

The Iris and Peony Collection at the RBG’s Laking Garden is viewable by reservation only through Eventbrite. Tickets are $20 per car, and admission is free for RBG members.

Lead image courtesy of Royal Botanical Gardens

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