Theodore Tugboat is officially on the way to Hamilton

The famous Canadian children’s television character, Theodore Tugboat, has officially set course from Halifax on his way to Hamilton this week. 

The tugboat replica, dubbed Theodore Too, has called Halifax home for 21 years before it was sold to a new owner in the Hamilton area. 

The TV character left Halifax at 9 am Atlantic Time on Thursday morning being escorted by a group of other boats for the journey to the Ambitious City. 

After Theodore arrives at the Port of Hamilton, it’s engine will be replaced with biodiesel as it becomes a symbol of sustainability, said new owner Blair McKeil. 

McKeil said in a statement that he’s arranged for Theodore to be used by the advocacy group Swim Drink Fish to educate Canadians about water conservation and restoration of the Great Lakes. 

As of right now, there isn’t an expected arrival date for Hamilton’s newest resident.

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