There’s a giant praying mantis outside of Hamilton City Hall

Don’t worry, Hamilton: a massive, green space creature has not arrived in town to wreak havoc on residents.

Quite the opposite, in fact. The city has just erected a massive and beautiful floral sculpture of a praying mantis outside of Hamilton City Hall.

The eye-catching green giant, officially dubbed ‘Mickey Mantis,’ has been carefully constructed out of around 1,300 individual plants by the city’s horticulture team.

Mickey will be a temporary ambassador of sorts for Hamilton and city hall throughout the summer, standing at a towering 14 feet and readily commanding attention for passersby on Main Street.

Whether or not Mickey will magically spring to life one day  remains to be seen – hey, in 2021 it’s not so far-fetched – but for now, he remains firmly, thankfully affixed to his spot ready to pose for countless summer photo ops.

Go meet Mickey Mantis outside of Hamilton City Hall!

Lead image courtesy of @cityofhamilton

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