A huge new public park is opening near Tim Hortons Field

The City of Hamilton is building a large new park in the east end of the lower city, right by one of Hamilton’s most prominent physical landmarks.

The park has been dubbed Brightside Park – previously known as the much less inviting-sounding Stadium Precinct Park – and will be located on the site of the former Dominion Glass factory at 43 Lloyd Street, right near the city’s iconic Tim Hortons Field.

The site is around 4.6 hectares and, upon the park’s completion, will feature a recreational program and brand new amenities including a soccer and football field with artificial turf, stadium seating, and lighting.

There will also be a field-house building with public washrooms, a plaza space with public art displays, playgrounds and a splash pads, a fitness station, a multi-use court, a skateboarding ‘dot’, and a pedestrian entrance gateway feature with display gardens.

The project has been in the works since 2014, and the public and stakeholders played a role in the development of Brightside Park’s programs and amenities via consultation.

This year will see the demolition of all remaining Dominion Glass basement structures, as well as the creation of detailed designs for the park and field house.

Then, the city is aiming for a potential start of park construction in 2022, pending Ministry and budget approvals.

More details about the forthcoming Brightside Park can be found on the city website.

Lead image courtesy of City of Hamilton

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  1. Leanne McGrimmond

    The graphic attached to this story is so incorrect. According to the graphic the park will be built on the old king George school site and parking lot. Dominion glass is on the other side of Barton much further away from the stadium than this graphic would have you think thank.