Hamilton is getting 650 bike share bicycles donated by Portland

Hamilton’s bike share program is about to get a considerable influx of bicycles thanks to a generous donation from Portland, Oregon.

The City of Portland has offered to donate around 650 bike share bicycles and some replacement parts to Hamilton Bike Share after holding them in storage for years; an uptick that will nearly double Hamilton’s current fleet of approximately 800 bikes.

The bicycles, which are worth roughly $1.6 million in new condition, use technology that is now incompatible with Portland’s current bike share infrastructure. The bikes, however, are the same model already used in Hamilton, making it easy to integrate them into Hamilton Bike Share’s infrastructure.

Portland will donate 650 of their 750 original bicycles to Hamilton Bike Share, maintaining some for cultural or historical reasons.

In the deal struck between Portland and Hamilton Bike Share Inc, the City of Hamilton will cover all other costs associated with the donation, which have been valued at around $10,000.

“This gives us an opportunity to improve our fleet and grow our service,” said Chelsea Cox, Executive Director of Hamilton Bike Share. “We are very happy and grateful to the city of Portland.”

Read the full release on the Bike Portland website.

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