Hamilton under air quality warning due to forest fires in Northern Ontario

You may want to keep your windows shut and limit your time outdoors for a bit, because Hamilton is currently under a special air quality warning.

The warning, issued by Environment Canada, notes that there are “possible high levels of air pollution due to smoke from ongoing forest fires” which are currently impacting northwestern Ontario.

Smoke from those active forest fires has made its way over southern Ontario, causing hazy conditions and potential deteriorating air quality in Hamilton and the surrounding areas.

Environment Canada notes that locals may experience symptoms including increased coughing, throat irritation, headaches, or shortness of breath, with particular risk for children, seniors, or those with cardiovascular or lung disease such as asthma.

Hamilton residents can continue to check for information on how to reduce risk as well as stay updated on the current forecasts.

Environment Canada will also continue to provide updates and alerts.

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