Hamilton reptile zoo recovers lost lizard after over two months

More than two months ago, Little Ray’s Reptile Zoo in Hamilton sounded the alarm and asked residents far and wide to keep their eyes out for Markhor: a 3.5 feet long Nile monitor lizard who went missing from the Barton Street storefront back in June.

After the entire interior of the reptile zoo was searched for hours on end, Little Ray’s concluded that Markhor had somehow escaped out the back door and into the Hamilton wild.

The disappearance prompted Little Ray’s to rally locals on Facebook with a post announcing the missing lizard back on June 19th, asking Hamiltonians – especially those living in the vicinity of the reptile zoo – to keep watch for Markhor on the streets.

With months passing by and zero signs of Markhor, it may have seemed like the search was basically over.

That is, until that sneaky lizard was discovered within the zoo all along last Friday morning, having squeezed himself through a three-inch hole in the front desk at Little Ray’s and likely hiding beneath that desk the entire time.

The desk even had to be taken apart to retrieve Markhor, who could have easily stayed hidden for months on end without food to survive.

This news is undoubtedly a massive wash of relief for Little Ray’s Reptile Zoo, who have been desperately searching for the Nile monitor lizard for months and hoping for the best.

Thankfully, the best did indeed happen.

Lead image courtesy of Little Ray’s Reptile Zoo

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