Someone put up a fake ‘clothing optional’ sign at Hamilton Beach

Many eyebrows were raised a few days ago when images were posted to social media depicting a pretty legit looking City of Hamilton sign, complete with a bylaw number, identifying a stretch of Van Wagner’s Beach as ‘clothing optional.’

But no need for concern; the only thing that’s been ‘revealed’ in this situation is that the sign, though convincing at a glance, is a total fake.

It’s not known who created the sign or why they created it, but it was nonetheless found posted along the Hamilton Beach strip and discovered by Mark Wessman, who shared images of the sign to a Hamilton Beach Community group on Facebook.

“This is a clothing optional beach 250m between this point and the shoreline,” read the fake sign, which also listed some fake nude beach rules like “Do not stare/gawk” and “no lifeguard on duty.”

Some city officials have posted warnings about the fake signage, including city councillor Sam Merulla, who has advised locals who find similar signs to notify the city by calling 905-546-2489.

See more on the Hamilton Beach Community group on Facebook.

Lead image courtesy of Hamilton Beach Community

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