Hamilton skate shop opens in former This Ain’t Hollywood space

It was a heartbreaking day when Hamilton’s beloved music venue This Ain’t Hollywood formally and permanently closed its doors; but another local small business has readily moved into a piece of its former digs.

The Local Skate Shop, which previously held a much smaller storefront along John Street South steps away from the Hamilton GO Station, moved into 341 James Street North in September, taking up a much larger space in what was formerly This Ain’t Hollywood’s green room – in other words, what used to private holding space for talent.

The space has undergone a total transformation at the hands of The Local, turning it into a big bright space with sleek vibes, large glass windows on the storefront’s façade, and gorgeous boards adorning the interior walls.

The new location has already been warmly embraced by the community as a new fixture of the James North strip, offering its significant range of skateboards, snowboards, accessories, apparel, and more.

Only time will tell what becomes of This Ain’t Hollywood’s main bar space next door; but for now, it’s exciting that a piece of this cherished venue has been kept local with, well, The Local.

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