Hamilton Day resurrected after 90 years to celebrate shopping local

A special one-day shopping event is happening in Hamilton on November 20th; one that hasn’t taken place in the city for 90 years.

Hamilton Day, resurrected for the first time since it originally occurred in 1931, is a day that celebrates local small business and encourages city residents to pour their shopping dollars back into the local economy while showing their favourite city spots some love.

When the event first debuted 90 years ago in the midst of the Great Depression, it was used as a way to bolster the local economy during a time of immense hardship.

“While it was only one day in an economic downturn that carried on for years, Hamilton Day was symbolic of a rallying spirit in the face of adversity,” reads a message on the Hamilton Day website.

It’s not difficult to see the parallels between the event’s purpose back then and today, with the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic hitting countless small businesses extra hard for the past year and a half.

The event is encouraging local businesses to whip up something special for Hamilton Day, whether it’s offering one-day sales and specials, launching new menu items, or collaborating with other businesses in the area.

On the flip side, Hamilton residents are encouraged to spend all of Hamilton Day shopping local by patronizing their favourite spots, trying out new ones, and generally helping to pump up the local economy.

Hamilton Day’s campaign leading up to the event has been loud and proud, posting videos featuring prominent local figures and influencers talking about what the city and its community of small businesses means to them.

It’s going to be a major one-day celebration of all things local, so check out Hamilton Day on their website and social media to stay updated!

Lead image courtesy of @hamiltonday2021

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