Hamilton shop House of Java has its window smashed for a third time

In an unbelievably infuriating turn of events, longstanding Hamilton coffee shop House of Java has been vandalized for the third time in 6 months.

The shop, which has been a local staple along James South for 50 years, shared photos on Instagram last week of their front shop window smashed in; something that has happened to the shop twice previously this year.

In fact, the second smashed window was replaced just days prior to this new vandalism attack, for which a young man allegedly smashed the opposite window using a pipe.

The constant vandalism has undoubtedly put massive strain on House of Java; not just as a small business, but as one also attempting to survive amid the impacts of the pandemic.

Thankfully, the local community was quick to rise up in support, with the owner’s sister setting up a GoFundMe that rapidly raised more than enough funds to cover the repairs after this third window smashing.

See more on House of Java’s social media, and show them some love by stopping by at 166 James Street South and stocking up on some coffee and Christmas presents!

Lead image courtesy of @houseofjavaofficial

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