Someone smashed the window at Bambu restaurant in Hamilton

A beloved restaurant in Downtown Hamilton was victim to an act of infuriating vandalism a few days ago.

Bambu Restaurant, one of the city’s best spots for authentic Thai cuisine located at 21 John Street North, posted images to their social media showing that their restaurant’s front window had been smashed in on Sunday evening.

Thankfully, no considerable theft took place with the incident and no injuries were reported.

“On the bright side, no one was hurt, only change went missing, and one of the culprits was caught,” said Bambu in their post.

Still, this is an undoubtedly frustrating blow for Bambu as a restaurant that, like most others in the city, has been impacted in considerable ways due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Bambu is also one of numerous Hamilton small businesses that have been hit with similar vandalism in recent months, with coffee shop House of Java, located not far from Bambu on James Street South, seeing their front windows smashed three separate times this year alone.

Bambu Restaurant will reopen after a holiday break starting this Wednesday, December 29th. Go grab some takeout and show them some love, Hamilton!

See more on their social media.

Lead image courtesy of @bambu_hamont

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