Here’s how you can track the snow plows after Hamilton’s massive snowstorm

Hamilton just got its major snowfall of 2022 and the winter season in general; and hoo boy, did it pack a punch.

Just over 40 centimetres of snow accumulated across the city on Sunday evening into Monday morning, resulting in a swath of closures for schools and workplaces alike.

Social media was rampant with images of HSR buses abandoned mid-route after getting stuck in the considerable snow, and there were people across the city lending their neighbours a hand and helping to push vehicles of all kinds through the wildly difficult driving conditions.

The snowstorm was so significant, in fact, that clean-up is still well underway city-wide, with schools in the Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board closed for the second day in a row in a week that was meant to mark the return to in-person learning.

Hamilton residents who want to track the progress of the snow plows can use the city’s handy Plow Tracker: an online tracking system that shows the locations and progress of snow plows across Hamilton right now, two hours ago, 8 hours ago, 12 hours ago, and 24 hours ago.

The tracker is available at for those looking to get the latest update on which parts of Hamilton have been cleared and which have still yet to be touched.

Here’s hoping Mother Nature gives us all a breather before throwing another knockout snowstorm our way!

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